Whirling Wizards Blend - Black Tea

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This black tea blend is on the sweet nectar side of fruit with bright splashes of flowery undertones, mesmerizing and hypnotic flavors of passion fruit and mango.

    A whirlwind of fruit and fantasy, use this tea when reality needs to be shifted to gain a new perspective of the situation, place, or time. This tea can bring forth a whirlwind of answers, ideas, and creativity.

This tea is excellent when served over iced.

Contains: black tea, corn flower petals, calendula petals, rose petals, orange flowers, orange peel, tropical mango, and passion fruit flavoring.

Contains Caffeine

Standard Jar/Refill Bag: 2.5oz 25-35 teacups

Trial Sample Bag: 4-6 teacups

Try making a really strong cup of tea and replacing the water ingredient in a white cake mix to make Whirling Wizards cupcakes. 
Great for tea parties.

* Sprinkle a pinch of mixture into a teacup of hot water. As the leaves and flowers dance allow your mind to realax as you begin your journey into tea leaf reading. As the floweres float around on top and the leaves swim to te bottom of the cup relax your mind and gaze as the answers you are seeking slowly reveal themselvs to you through the pictuers and vibration on your teacup

*Sprinkle some of the dired tea leaves and floweres infront of your doorway to usher in new ideas and creativity.


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