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This blend is on the sweet nectar side of fruit with bright splashes of flowery undertones, mesmerizing and hypnotic flavors of passion fruit and mango. A fruit and fantasy blend, use this tea when reality needs to be shifted to gain a new perspective of the situation, place, or time. This tea can bring forth a whirlwind of answers, idea, and creativity.

This tea is excellent when iced.

Contains: black tea, corn flower petals, calendula petals, rose petals, orange flowers, orange peel, tropical mango, and passion fruit flavoring.

Contains Caffeine


Net Weight 1.5oz
Try making a really strong cup of tea and replacing the water ingredient in a white cake mix to make Whirling Wizards cupcakes. 
Great for tea parties.

*Use as room spray before starting an art project, sprinkle in front of the doorway to usher in new ideas.

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