Vanilla Diabla Extra Large

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A rich black tea with deep vanilla overtones, Tahitian vanilla pieces, velvety organic raw cacao and a devilish hint of hot chili. This tea brings a devilish twist that you can’t quite put your finger on. Use this tea to spice up a room or a gathering. This tea can add a quick burst of fire to other spell teas if mixed. Causing the action/desire to come quickly to you

Contains Caffeine

Contains: Black tea, cacao nibs, cinnamon chips, red chili flakes, safflower petals, Tahitian vanilla, natural and artificial flavor.

Extra Large Jar/Refill Bag: 10oz 75-100 teacups

*Use in Mojo bags, in poppets, burn on a charcoal to release a charged burst of energy to bring things in quickly.

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