The Wild Hunt Extra Large

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The Wild Hunt seasoning is blended with a free spirited hand of flavor and zest that will bring adventure to your meats and savory dishes such as stews, lentils and mushrooms. Perfect for grilling or roasting.

Wild Hunt and Dragons Den make a perfect marinade for meats and mushrooms
Brew 4 cups very strong
Dragons Den tea. Let tea cool to room temp.
2 tablespoon Wild Hunt seasoning by KWG
2 tablespoons Worchester sauce.
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
2 cloves chopped garlic.
Place in airtight container overnight in the refrigerator.
Grill, or broil as usual.
This tea will add a rich smoky infusion to your meats, and the tannins in the tea will naturally tenderize, leaving you with mouth watering tender bites.


Ingredients: garlic, salt, black pepper, coriander seed, dill seed, red pepper, onion, mustard seed, and infused the magick and lore of the Wild Hunt.

Net Weight

Extra Large Jar/Refill Bag: 15.75 oz

Medium Shaker: 11 oz


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