Set of 3 Scribing and Anointing Oils

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Scribing and anointing oil Use these charged oils to aid in your candle magick work. You can dip the end of your scribing tool into the oil before each carve into the wax.  You may also dress the entire candle in the oil before and after your carvings to guide and set the intent. 

Your choice of any of the following 3 oils:

Archangel~ With the power of love and the angels great- I call upon you Archangels to open the gate. Protect me with your wings, guide me with your light. Hear my prayers and give them flight.

Moon Magick~ Shining orb of glowing light, many phases in the night. Use this oil to aid in moon phase magick and mirror magick.

Power Enhancer~ Golden energy direct and pure. Charged with focus, and dedication to add an extra kick of personal power to your candle magick. This oil may also be worn on your skin to aid in ritual work.

To Unlock~  mysteries are seen its time to unlock, use this oil to remove blocks. This oil will aid in removing obstacles that are holding you back. It can also be used to unlock secrets. Best used as the Scriber sees fit.

Quick Cash~ Money come, money grows, money on to me it flows. This rich green oil is designed to  generate quick american cash flow. 

Brings Love~  of love and balance heart and flame. Use this oil to carve your name.  Call upon love with gentle grace,  clear your mind and ready your place. Best used as the scriber sees fit

Sex Magick~ Ruby red the passionate fire, mingle together the flame and desire.   Best used as the scriber sees fit. *it is best to burn these anointed and scribed candles during sex/ love making.

Jinx Remover~ With this oil you release all negativity that no longer serves you. It may also be used to weaken and break hexes, jinxes, evil eye, and spell craft.

Van Van Oil~ A traditional oil for turning bad luck into good luck, reversing negative energy, protecting personal property and protection yourself. This oils can be used for candle scribing and can be added to many other workings and magick.

To Get Rid Of~ This is a banishing oil used to remove obstacles and negative people from your path and your work. Best used as the scriber sees fit *be careful of what you ask for.

Magick~ A power enhancing oil used for binding wishcraft, spell work and advanced magik. best used as the scriber/witch, sees fit.

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