Peaceful Harmony Extra Large

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. This beautiful harmonious tea is meant to bring peace into your body, mind, and spirit. This tea is to be shared with others who need a peaceful moment, who need to center and call harmony into their surroundings. This tea helps with balance. This tea is naturally sweetened with herbs and flowers and is excellent for stopping sugar cravings

*Setting the dry tea by your bed at night helps to bring calmness to your sleep and ease bad dreams. Used as a rom spray to calm fighting energy between siblings and spouses 

Served hot it's a great night cap, or try it iced and enjoy throughout the day in place for sugary drinks. Kids love it too!

The perfect cup of tea for relaxation. 

Contains: spearmint, cinnamon, lavender, hibiscus, and natural and unprocessed stevia leaves

Caffeine Free

Extra Large Jar/Refill Bag: 7.5oz 75-100 tea cups

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