Natural Stone Pendulum

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   Dowsing for answers when you need a little help determining what to do. Pendulums are a simple yet effective way to find yes or no answers that can help you make your mind up when you just are not sure which way to go.

   By drawing on the collective consciousness and from your guardian angels this tool is always helpful.

You have your choice of stones to aid in the power of your tool. 

You can choose just a pendulum which will come with a velvet carrying bag, and a prediction chart and instructions.

 Or you can choose to have it connected to a quality stainless steal tea infuser. this will elevate you tea leaf readings and bring a new element of dowsing to your tea parties.

Pendulum with Tea Infuser includes: 

- Detachable Pendulum 

- Tea ball infuser

- Black Velvet bag

- Pendulum Prediction chart

- Silver color drip tray 

- Loose leaf tea steeping instructions

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