Moon Candle

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Moon Candle 

This candle is perfect for all your moon magic and intention setting rituals. It can be used for all phases of the moon.

Let yourself be pulled by the moon in the ebb and flow of life. Like tides moving with graceful force.... Always remember your light.

New Moon: Time for personal reflections and new beginnings intentions.

Waxing Moon: Get things in motion, set intentions to be productive and call in abundance.

Full Moon: Time for revelations, clear answers, and personal empowerment. Celebration.

Waning Moon: Letting of of what no longer works for you, release and surrender.

Each candle includes:

Clear quartz moon crystal, a master healer stone that amplifies energy and intentions. This stone helps to provide clarity and guidance.   

Obsidian chips to increase self control and helps to keep your thoughts balanced. Obsidian wards odd darker energies and provides spiritual protection 

Packaged in a beautiful box with lid, this is so you can store it in between uses and not lose scent. Storing it in its box also helps to keep your magics and intentions undisturbed in between uses.

Hand Poured Natural Soy 7.1oz by Earths Elements

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