Mesquite Forest BBQ Rub

Mesquite Forest BBQ Rub

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Take a walk through the smoky woods of the mesquite forest. Welcome the outdoors inside when you use this in your hearty roasted meals and grilled meats. This is a perfect dry rub as is for your meats and mushrooms, or an excellent base for a creative sauce.
Here is a suggestion, but I do recommend playing with it to make it your own special walk through the woods. 
2 tablespoons rub
4 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons whisky
4 tablespoons ketchup 
mix well, add to meats or mushrooms


Ingredients: Garlic, paprika, tomato powder, red and black pepper, onion, sage, salt, rosemary, mesquite smoke flavoring and the wild power of the Green. 

Available in four sizes:

Net Weight

Standard Jar/Refill Bag: 5 oz

Large Jar/Refill Bag: 9 oz

Extra Large Jar/Refill Bag: 20 oz

Trial Sample Shaker:  2.25 oz

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