Kitchen Witch Dolls

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The Modern Day Kitchen Witch

Hand casted pewter, comes in a gift box with legend and a decorative hanging hook.
    A Kitchen Witch is a doll or poppet that originated in Scandinavian countries many years ago. These dolls were made to ward off bad luck and keep your home safe and protected. A Kitchen Witch keeps a watchful eye over your meals so they wont burn, and she is always ready to make sure your cup of tea is absolutely perfect.
    These dolls were once handed down from mother to daughter or gifted to a new bride and her new home. Kitchen Witches are traditionally hung in the kitchen near the stove, in a window, or the kitchen entry. They were once made of cloth and sticks and were generally featured as an old crone woman style witch.
     Kitchen Witch Gourmet has moved the Kitchen Witch into a new season. We feature her as a fun, and happy witch. She still holds the same duties as her grandmothers, after all, it does run in the family.... Only now, she rides her broom with happiness and joy, out and about with a wave of Hello!
*Brooms and hats may very slightly 

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