Flying Monkey Pepper Extra Large

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Flying Monkey Pepper is our best selling spice. It goes on absolutely everything from fried potatoes to filet mignon. It is the perfect seasoning to elevate almost everything you are cooking.  It is a high quality lemon garlic pepper that has a special twist of fun and the flare of Kitchen Witches everywhere. 

try it on vegetable, fish, chicken and so much more


Flying Monkey Pepper was created with wild magic. Wild magic that runs deep through our veins, the magic that causes us to laugh maniacally and set our spirits free. Magic that is clever and fortunate, magic that will satiate hunger and douse the deepest thirst.

Flying Monkey Pepper brings excitement to your meals, a lively energy that feels good and slightly electric. A magic that will banish negativity and spark the flame of creativity. A delicious creativity that will bring joy to your food and abundance to your table

Contains: Fire roasted garlic, crushed black pepper, lemon peel, onion, sesame seeds, salt, lemon oil, citric acid....... And the cackle of 1,000 witches.                                                    

Best used as the Kitchen Witch sees fit

Available in 6 sizes:

Net Weight

Medium Shaker: 10.6 oz

Extra Large Jar/Refill Bag: 15. oz

Black Salt and Monkey Pepper Gift Set

Gift Set Includes:

Full size apothecary jar of Flying Monkey Pepper with wooden measuring spoon

1 Mini jar of Black Salt with a silver metal salt spoon

.5 Ounce Garden of Plenty Vegetable Dip mix

1 The original "Spice Witch" Kitchen Witch art magnet.

1 Fun keychain/charm to ward off bad juju

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