Candle Scribing Kit

Candle Scribing Kit

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The Art of Candle Scribing
To call upon the art of flame~ Carve your intent/words by hand and name.
Strike the match for all is heard~ light the wick and release the words.
Candle Scribing
In the world of magick and wishcraft, the tools of candle and flame rule with a force next to the dominate power of the pen.
Choose a candle in the color of your choice. I suggest you coordinate the color of your candle to your will and wish. Anoint candle and Scribing tool with oil. Again, choose your oil in coordination to your work. Set your intentions, and Scribe your Will, Wishes, Desires, Dreams and Magick. Stay focused.
Light flame, take a deep breath in and release all of your intentions with power and strength.
*Best used how the Scriber sees fit …….  JM/KWG
Scribing kit contains: 

★ 1 White Scribing Candle 

★ 1 Glass Scribing Wand

★  1 Candle Holder

★  Scribing Directions

★  Comes in Decorative Gift Box

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