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An Abundance of Happiness is the base of all success. When you are in a happy state of being, things that make you happy will flow to you naturally.

This uplifting herbal brew of tea will delight your senses with a pop of peppermint, a kiss of tart hibiscus, and an over all happy note of lemongrass and citrus. 

Serve this tea when you are wanting to uplift the vibration of yourself or your guests. 

Best brewed, served or used as the Kitchen Witch sees fit.

*makes for a perfect pinch in a mojo bag for happiness and luck

*Brewed up and put in a spray bottle and kept in the refrigerator and used as a cooling and refreshing pick me up body mist, this will bring you and those  you encounter and Abundance of Happiness.

Loose leaf herbal tea is delivered in an earth friendly rice paper bag and includes one reusable tea bag.

Contains: Peppermint, Rose hips, orange peel, lemon grass, and hibiscus.

Caffeine Free

Net Weight  1oz

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