Clarity Extra Large

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Uplifting and mentally stimulating this blend will help to ease tension while keeping you focused and enhancing your memory retention.

Contains: Green tea, lavender, lemon grass and Ginko Biloba

Contains Caffeine

Extra Large Jar/Refill Bag: 9oz 75-100 tea cups

Green tea to awaken and energize, lavender to release stress, lemongrass to center your thoughts, gingko biloba to build memory. This tea will help you focus, concentrate and call upon answers in which you are seeking and trying to gain clarity over.

This tea is the crystal ball of teas. Use this tea to bring clear thinking, to call forth clear psychic messages, and to reveal past lives, past lessons, new lessons with clear answers.

*Can be used in a spray bottle before a reading or before meditating to bring in clarity. Can be used in a ritual bath. Served to others to help them see your point of view.

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