Loose Leaf Tea

Our tea is available in earth friendly glass jar packaging. This keeps the tea at its freshest. Each teas weight is different but the jar is the same. For example our standard size flat top jar of Chamomile tea weighs in at 1 ounce, while a standard size flat top jar of Indian Sweet Spice weighs in at 3.25 ounces.

This is because of the density of the tea. Indian Sweet Spice has cinnamon bark and ginger that weighs more that chamomile or our mints, but the jar size is the same.

Our premium tea jars are bigger with the knob on top. Only our line of Premiums comes in this container. The same rule applies, for example Enchanted Chai will weigh more that Sleep Ease due to the density of the tea and ingredients.

Our extra large jar of tea also has a knob on top and this glass container holds 3 times the amount of tea as our standard flat top jars. and 2.25 times the amount of out premium tea jars.

This size is for our super fans. We heard you and we are responding!

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