About Kitchen Witch Gourmet

Magical Jenay


Jenay Marontate is a natural born Witch. Born into a spiritual family where Paganism and Christianity where often practiced together. In her life she was taught all paths have enlightenment.

Growing up in the lush forest and mountains of Oregon in the pacific northwest, nature was the largest influence in her life. Much of her childhood was spent collecting flowers, sticks and rocks. Gardening with her mother and grandmother and learning the secrets of Kitchen Witchery

Jenay’s mother was a Witch, a Healer, and a Seer who used reflexology, crystal stones and her gift of sight to guide others to health and adventure. Jenay’s father is a business man with a strong belief in the power of family and the preservation and restoration of vintage automobiles and their ghosts.

At ages 13-18 a loosely yet stern study of the mysteries began to take shape when introduced to a very powerful Priestess, witch, coven mother and guide, Andrea. They began with what came natural; Love, patience, understanding, self exploration, and the divine connection we all share with nature and the universe. Jenay focused on dreams and their meanings, symbolism, palmistry and tarot interpretations, and energy reading.

At 22-26 Jenay moved to the southern part of the U.S. New Orleans Louisiana where she practices ritual magic and took a strong interest in herb lore and folk medicine of the HooDoo and Voudan practices.

The Next 9 years lead her to open a metaphysical store featuring her own hand crafted aromatherapy body care and magically infused perfume line called Body of Sun Aromatherapy.

During this time The witches of Apothecary coven was founded. A deeper exploration of essential oils, herbs, and tea. Combining their medicinal properties, folk lore uses and their magical intent into everyday easy to use modern magic and spell work.

Expanding deeper into the concept of everyday modern witches Jenay moved her business to California to be closer to her family and to carry on the traditional magic of Kitchen Witchery.
Kitchen Witch Gourmet loose leaf teas and specialty spices was born in 2009. This is a tea and spice company that features high quality tea and spice that is infused with the proper balance of delicious magic, harmonious intent and the power of anything is possible.
In 2013 April Hollon, longtime friend and witch sister came aboard Kitchen Witch Gourmet as store manager, marketer, and an important part of the research and development team.

April Hollon is a Druidic Witch. She believes that through Ritual and Intent – Real Magic is Possible.

April Hollon began her scholarship in metaphysics and magical practices when her mom gifted her Linda Goodman’s Astrology books. Reading anything you have interest in was encouraged, so April continued collecting Astrology, and later Numerology & palmistry texts. This extensive study brought her to the path of Tarot and divination symbolism. In her teens, she joined her first coven learning first hand the practices of modern witchcraft.

Her studies took her through years and many, many books. Along the way, she began to study Druidry.

In 2001, after college, she went to study at Sacramento Grove of the Oak, a Druid seed grove of The Order of Bards, Ovates, & Druids (OBOD). Seed group is like a Druid Coven, open to all, but specific to Celtic spirituality. OBOD is the oldest and largest Druidry school and organization on the globe. In 2006 she was initiated a Bard, one who studies myth, folklore, history, art, divination, and writing of Rituals. Between 2008&2011 April co-wrote and colead four Pantheacon rituals, coordinated three Midsummer Celtic Fairy Festivals, and wrote several public Holiday Rituals.

In 2008, April met Jenay in a chance encounter that turned into a prosperous partnership. When April found Jenay it was like finding family and when Jenay founded Kitchen Witch Gourmet it was like finding home. In 2014, inspired by her work with KWG April created a class on infusing one’s herbs and tea with intent for magical, spiritual, and for ritual purposes. She now spends the majority of her magical work with Jenay on Kitchen Witch Gourmet brand and classes.

April is also a long time Belly Dance and Improvisation Tribal Style Instructor at Hot Pot Studios; a globally recognized dance studio owned by Amy Sigil. She is the Director of the Dance Troupe, Verbatim Dance.

To this day April can often be found sitting in between two stacks of old books, drinking tea and petting her smoke colored cat.

Today in addition to running business, Jenay Marontate and April Hollon continue to spread magic one cup of tea at a time, traveling the country, now the world teaching the art of Kitchen Witchery, Modern Magic, and how to prepare Love Tea #3.Kitchen Witch Gourmet Loose Leaf Tea Magic